10 Sea-Worthy Style Finds for Under $100

Or, how to look like a yachtsman on the (relative) cheap.

Nautical style is white, blue, and stripes. Sometimes, more naval components—caps, peacoats, and boots—are allowed under that salty umbrella, but in the most contemporary understanding, nautical style is for summer, leisure, and sun. To ease you into the season’s slip with panache, we’ve compiled a list of 10 fantastic tanks, shorts, sweaters, sweats and Sperrys that are stuffed to the gills with breezy maritime flair, yet still well within the budget of even the lowliest skipper. Because, while everyone should have a great pair of Sperrys (we’ve included our favorites on the list), boat shoes are only the first step. To the sea!

Photos by PHOTO BY: Alija/ Getty Images