You Don't Have to Be on Vacation to Rock These 14 Awesomely Tropical Shirts

Get the party started with summer's best loud-and-proud button-downs.
(Photos: Kenny Flowers)

(Photos: Kenny Flowers)

It's 2017, and suddenly nothing makes sense anymore: O.J. Simpson is out of prison, boy band members are starring in WWII movies, and the new Ken doll has a damn man bun. 

Now, Hawaiian shirts—once scorned as what suburban dads might wear on vacation to Disney World—are suddenly cool as hell and enjoying a bonafide resurgence. As they say the shorter the sleeves, the louder the print--and the bigger the splash you'll make.

The revived tropical shirt trend was initially spurred by--who else?--hipsters. Their indefatigable search for cost-efficient and purposefully kitschy clothing led them to rediscover the classic vacation shirt and its breezy, nonchalant charms. 

But these loud-and-proud beauties have since been embraced by all manner of legit fashion brands, including top-shelf names like Ralph Lauren and Ted Baker, as well as bro-centric up-and-comers like Kenny Flowers (Yes, that's definitely a reference to Eastbound & Down hero Kenny Powers). 

Above, check out our slideshow of the 14 best tropical print shirts to cop this summer. 

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