These 18-Karat Gold-Wrapped AirPods Pro Cost $67,000

Caviar is a Russian company specializing in wrapping Apple gear in luxe skins.

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AirPods Pro are already pretty pricey for the average consumer—$249.00 on A Russian company, Caviar, wondered how they could add way more value to Apple’s signature wireless earbuds and decided to go 18-karat gold.

Caviar calls them 750-content gold and that means the same thing as 18 karats

The real deal, in other words. Don’t tap your savings yet, though—they only made one pair and those went for $67,620. 

Hopefully, the buyer was getting them to pair with the same company’s golden iPhone, the iPhone 11 Discovery Solarius, which sold—oddly—for slightly less, at $66,020.

Gold is heavy, so it seems impractical to actually buy these to use, given they’d have to be uncomfortable, but everyone is entitled to their own taste.

And Caviar is ready to accommodate that taste, as they don’t just indulge in turning Apple products into heist-worthy treasures—they also offer cases made from exotic leather like alligator skin and coated in crystal

They apparently don’t make many of these super high-end cases, though, as it appears high-rollers have already taken care of other offerings like this iPhone 11 diamond gold that cost $91,880.

If you’re feeling like something extravagant but don’t want to mortgage a home, prices for electronic and accessory cases start as low as $1,000