The $18,000 Batman Watch Doesn’t Come in a Happy Meal

The watch Gotham deserves.

It’s been exactly 75 years since the Caped Crusader leapt his way into the center of the American cultural landscape and, to celebrate, luxury watchmaker Romain Jerome has constructed 75 commemorative watches. It would cost Adam West a decent portion of his “Family Guy” money to pick one up, but it would also be the right move.

Usually, a “commemorative watch” is nothing more than a watchmaker’s standard fare with a plaque or, maybe, some engraving. But Manual Emch, Romain Jerome’s CEO, is a Batman fan who wouldn’t settle for anything less than tribute he could wear to a fete at Wayne Manor.

This watch is truly the Batmobile condensed into wristwear. It has a big 46-mm case made of black-PVD-coated steel which somehow bears


the same finish as Christian Bale’s graphite armor in the

Dark Knight


. The bezel itself is machine finished and multi-contoured, to emulate the bullet-deflecting, radar-confounding sheet metal of the Batmobile.

Our favorite feature is the “Bat Signal.” On the watch face, there is a translucent area around a lacquered black bat symbol that when engaged, glows an eerie grey-blue, replicating Commissioner Gordon’s famous call to arms. Fittingly, the watch also comes on a black strap made of distressed hornback crocodile leather.

Grappling hook sold separately. []