20 Celebrity Hair Styles You’ll See On Regular Human Men in 2015

These men are our follicular vanguards.

American grooming trends have historically trickled down (and east) from Hollywood’s red carpet districts. What looks outrageous one year, takes Supercuts by storm the next. That’s not because the masses are unwashed per se; they just need a bit of a push. And they’ll get it this year as a new generation of leading men seize the follicular flag and charge into the spotlight.

With that in mind, we asked barber Julie Cross to tell us which celebrities killed it coif-wise this year, and which of their styles we’ll see proliferating in 2015. From natural to dye-assisted, man-bun to buzz-cut, and rocker-wild to corporate-slick, here are the looks we’ll see emerging this year. You’d do well to pay attention. 

Photos by Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images