2014 Winter Olympic Kicks: Sochi Edition

In Mother Russia, sneakers wear you!

Nike Flyknit Trainer Chukka FSB

The official Team USA sneaker for standing on a platform to receive a gold medal, Nike designed these to give athletes the support of their flyknit tech while making sure you never forget home every time you slip them on. With all the controversy surrounding some of the more archaic Russian traditions, these soles are like having a little bit of US soil to stand on at all times.

Nike LunarTerra Arktos “USA Winter Olympics”

While the Arktos aren’t exactly sneakers, we imagine it’s gonna be hard for our athletes to get around the wintery walks of Sochi without some killer boots. Enter the LunarTerra Arktos. Rugged and warm, they actually look like solid candidates for a moonwalk – which is a good thing, because for some people, going to Russia may actually feel like you’ve left planet Earth.

Air Jordan Olympic Pack

You pretty much can’t have an Olympics without somebody rocking a new duo of Js. This year, the pack is a set of Jordan 1s and 6s, emblazoned with the Old Glory herself. They’re sure to be extra hard to get your hands on (hence the spy shots), but camping out is worth it for a set of kicks that basically chant “USA! USA!” for you.

M990 SB National Parks/Made in the USAs

Sure, there’s a bit of debate about whether these are the official Olympic offerings from New Balance (they did a specific “Olympic Pack” back in 2012), but you can’t argue with the red, white, and blue colorway of these comfortable classics. You can call these “the National Parks” all you want; when the mob calls them Olympics, Olympics they are.

AdiPure CrazyQuick “Team Canada”

Either Adidas is truly embracing a more international outlook or they just decided to save the good stuff for the Summer Olympics in 2016. What they did debut is their AdiPure trainer…for the Canadians. Hey, with free health care, a better education system, and a generally friendly attitude, we’d gladly consider putting a maple leaf on the tongue of our shoes.