Here’s Why You Should Invest in a Zodiac Watch Right Now

These Swiss timepieces are perfect for everyone from stylish civilians to Navy SEALs.


Presented by Zodiac 

Zodiac, founded in Switzerland in 1882, has long been admired by collectors thanks to its mix of cool heritage, watchmaking excellence and superb value. 

Created for “men of action, working men, and men whose passions drive them,” Zodiac’s beautifully precise timepieces have been worn by everyone from Navy SEALs and commercial scuba divers to Swiss train conductors, all of whom rely on watches that can perform flawlessly when it matters most. It’s not just just professional risk-takers who value their Zodiacs, however, as the watches also happen to be extremely stylish.

That’s no accident of course, but rather the application of rigorous design principles coupled with technical mastery and the brand’s ability to innovate and reference its impressive history at the same time. 

After all, this is the manufacturer which created and produced the world’s first automatic sports watch nearly 90 years ago, something their team of young designers builds on so successfully today. So which model to choose from? 

We’re spotlighting three watches that showcase Zodiac’s legacy of ingenuity, passion, and adventure, watches that are meant to be worn rather than locked away in a velvet-lined box.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf
Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

The most iconic Zodiac watch is the Super Sea Wolf, the world’s first purpose-built dive watch available to the general public, first introduced as the Sea Wolf in 1953 – a year before the Rolex Submariner debuted, as it happens. 

When the 750-meter (nearly 2,500 feet) depth-rated version came out in the early ‘70s, earning the “Super” designation, it was adopted by the Navy SEALs. 

Famed for its bold colors and mission-critical in-house Swiss made automatic movement, the Super Sea Wolf comes in many variations from retro-cool limited edition models to this snazzy black and gold model on a two-tone jubilee band.

Zodiac Grandrally Chronograph

The monochromatic Grandrally chronograph is another favorite of ours. Based on an original design from 1975 designed with professional drivers in mind, it’s been modernized for today’s gentlemen racers but still evokes Zodiac’s enviable lineage. With a domed sapphire crystal, luminous markers and padded leather strap it’s raring to go. 

Zodiac Olympos
Zodiac Olympos Automatic

And rounding out the trio is the Olympos Automatic, which has a decidedly dressier feel. Based on an original design from 1961 smartly brought up to date, it has a Mid-Century, Mad Men-esque vibe with a manta ray-shaped stainless steel case and black quarter dial finish with silver-tone accents. 

Whichever one you choose, prepare to be envied, admired, and always on time.