Channel Joe Exotic and His Honeys With These ‘Tiger King’ Halloween Costumes

Featuring a Joe Exotic costume (mullet included) and a sexy “Tiger Honey” outfit.

Courtesy of T1

Presented by T1

Who among us wasn’t glued to the couch watching Joe Exotic, lie, cheat, and steal his way into our hearts on Netflix earlier this year? certainly was, and the online lingerie and costume retailer evidently jumped at the chance to create some truly epic Tiger King-inspired Halloween looks. 

Courtesy of T1’s exclusive collection of officially licensed Tiger King costumes include options suitable for men, women, and the ”gun-carrying redneck with a mullet” we never knew we wanted to be. Recently under new ownership, is clearly pulling out all the stops to re-launch the brand this Halloween. 

“We wanted to hit the ground running and what better way than with a so-wrong-it’s-right Sexy Joe Exotic costume?” said Jason Squardo, CEO of 

Courtesy of T1

According to the website:

The officially licensed and exclusive men’s Joe Exotic costume featuring a blue sequin shirt with a black tiger print pattern and attached mini plush tiger, a belt with an attached holster and a khaki “” hat with an attached blonde mullet. Pair this look with a pair of jeans or shorts and you’ll be ready to burn down the place.

Courtesy of T1

Combine that with the Joe Exotic Tiger Honey Costume and you’ve got yourself a couple’s costume for the ages, or at least until next Halloween.
Prefer the OG zookeeper version? No problem— has both a men’s Joe Exotic Zookeeper costume and a women’s Sexy Joe Exotic Zookeeper costume version of the khaki ensemble.
The “ hat with built-in mullet” rounds out the wild ensemble. 

Visit to see the entire Tiger King collection of costumes and more.