4 New Air Jordans Hit Stores Tomorrow

Consider getting in line today.

Get ready for a blitzkrieg of kicks, because on Saturday, May 16, Jordan Brand is throwing down four new styles at once. Here are the new styles, running the spectrum from old-school classics to techified, help-you-outrun-your-cyborg-overlords updates. Only you can decide if it’s worth camping out to cop them.

Air Jordan “5Lab3”

The tamest of the week’s new launches are also pretty classy if you can get past the Frankensteinian way they meld the style of the Jordan 5s with the body of a pair of classic 3s. We’re digging the simplicity of the blue sole and reflective blackout upper colorway, but maybe we just have simple tastes. 

Air Jordan Future “Volt”

Taking a ride to the opposite end of the scale, Jordan Brand is also dropping a “Future” style called the Volt, which isn’t shocking at all – ha, shocking! Get it? – given the neon colorway and the onesie woven upper that borrows from last year’s love ‘em or hate ‘em XX8s. If Ming didn’t wear kimonos and slippers, these are 100% the sneakers we’d expect a Flash Gordon villain to wear…which is exactly why we want a pair. 

Air Jordan 2 Retro “Nightshade”

Splitting the difference between the previous two sneakers on this list, the Nightshade’s dark-teal body and loud pops of neon contrast the kicks like nothing else we’ll see this Saturday. We’re still not sure if it’s a best-of-both-worlds situation or straight bipolar disorder. Either way, the sheer uniqueness of the colorway on these will make them must-haves for some folks. 

Air Jordan Future Premium “Camo”

Who knew the future would have a distinct wicker weave feel to it? Jordan Brand has come through with so many styles and colorways that it’s hard to surprise us anymore, but we’ll be damned if we didn’t do a double-take when we saw these. We just weren’t expecting straight camo on the teched-out style of the Futures. If JB were to start supplying standard issue gear to the army, we’d need these in every locker. 

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