5 Absolutely Necessary Summer Shades

These sunglasses will actually brighten your summer. 

We love sunglasses. Without going full Nicholson—the man’s dermis has fused with the nose bridge of his Persols—our eyes are rarely uncovered between late May and early September. Like watches, sunglasses serve a valuable function, but have evolved to do much more: indicate taste, style, and lend their wearers a bit of anonymity and a heap of cool. As with any sartorial accent, though, it’s necessary to choose wisely—the scuffed, neon faux-Ray Bans your frat doled out at Spring Fling will not cut it, and aggressively-sporty, teardrop sunglasses should be worn pretty much exclusively during an afternoon of extreme sports. These five pairs—though admittedly expensive—are crafted of first-rate materials by companies like Garrett Leight and Eyevan that know exactly the shape of lens that will flatter a man’s angled face, and how the delicate arc of an arm makes the difference between endless comfort and crushed ears. Buy a pair, and watch the rest of your summer fall in line. 

Photos by Photo by Rino Petrosino/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images