5 Classic Polo Shirts To Wear Right Now

Some things never go out of style


EON Productions

Polo shirts were once considered irredeemably preppy, but then they only came in obscene colors with little alligators on them. These days the look is more 007 than Thurston Howell III, though it’s OK to show your sportier side once in a while. Here, five classics to wear right now:

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1. Sunspel Riviera Polo


Designed for the current James Bond (Daniel Craig) in homage to the original James Bond (Sean Connery) by the British style stalwart. $125.

2. Ducan Quinn Smoking Skull Polo

Duncan Quinn

Quinn’s signature smoking skull is more badass than an alligator or pony, and you can always explain its origins as a Russian prison tattoo. $125.

3. Mack Weldon Vesper Polo

Mack Weldon

In keeping with the trend of new brands making more affordable versions of the icons, Mack Weldon’s polos are also attributable to agent 007. $68

4. Hackett Aston Martin Racing Polo


It’s OK to have a sportier option in the mix. These are made by UK brand Hackett for Aston Martin’s Racing Team. Not included: an Aston Martin. $80.

5. Orlebar Brown Terry Cloth Polo

Orlebar Brown

This is simply the perfect thing to put on after a swim that let’s you go straight to lunch with the curvy companion of the day. $185.