5 Great Winter Coats and Jackets To Wear Right Now

You’re getting warmer.


Oftentimes in our desperate attempts to keep warm when the temperature dips into the single digits we abandon all thought of being well-dressed. It’s a natural enough impulse but one that shouldn’t be surrendered to. There are plenty of winter coats and jackets that can insulate us against the caprices of the climate in a suitably stylish manner. Here are five of the best:

1. Schott NYC Hybrid Pea Coat, $599

Schott NYC pea coat
Schott NYC

The pea coat, originally a Navy-issued item designed to keep sailors warm on deck, performs just as well on the street. Schott NYC grafted on leather sleeves inspired by its famous motorcycle jacket to make a modern, very cool new version.

2. J. Crew Ludlow Topcoat, $450 

J. Crew overcoat
J. Crew

In a soft Italian wool-cashmere blend available in various colors, this classic overcoat is the ideal layer over tailored clothing, but can also elevate jeans and a sweater. The longer length makes any wearer look a bit dashing.

3. Abercrombie & Fitch Ultra Parka, $280

Abercrombie & Fitch parka
Abercrombie & Fitch

The classic parka may seem like overkill for city streets, but when the mercury bottoms out there’s simply no better garment for maintaining your core temperature. Details like slanted pockets and a (faux) fur lined hood lend this one a rakish air.

4. Massimo Dutti Hooded Down Jacket, $295

Massimo Dutti down jacket
Massimo Dutti

The key to a great padded down jacket or puffer if you will is a bit sharper tailoring, which is where Massimo Dutti’s European cuts hit the mark. The three-quarter length also keeps you covered where it counts.

5. Reiss’ Warrenford Shearling Jacket, $1,875


The winter-ready version of the iconic leather bomber in extra-toasty shearling, this luxe version has two key points setting apart from the pack: it’s in a natty shade of deep midnight blue, and it’s reversible so you can change up the look in a matter of seconds.