These 5-Inch Inseam Men’s Shorts Prove The Thigh’s the Limit

Get a leg up, fellas.

5-Inch Inseam Shorts Split
Left: Patagonia

We’ve noticed a welcome trend over the years when it comes to the best men’s shorts. First, cargo shorts were tossed aside. Then, inseams shrunk down to 9 inches, then 7 inches…and now, here we are, with guy’s thighs increasingly on display for all to see via suddenly-popular, 5-inch inseam shorts.

It’s high time to embrace them, wear them, and enjoy these retro-style breeze machines. So in the spirit of summer style and a whole lot of fun, we’ve rounded up our picks for some of the best 5-inch shorts for men, a retro length that has lately seen an uptick in popularity thanks to a jokey TikTok movement started by women to get more guys to start wearing 5-inch inseam shorts. 

Fear not — they’re easier to wear than you might think. Lest you click away right now, you’ll see plenty of brands you recognize below. Heck, Tom Selleck’s shorts  on the original Magnum P.I. proved guys could rock thigh-baring shorts way back in the day, so it’s time to get on board. In fact, it’s actually not so much of a trend any more. They just may become your favorite summer style staple.

Patagonia Men’s Baggies Shorts 


Patagonia has been making rugged, sustainable 5-inch shorts in a variety of colors since long before it was on trend — for your money’s worth, and especially as you step into the world of short shorts, these provide some excellent bang for your buck in a fun print. $55

J. Crew 5-Inch Shorts in Garment-Dyed Cotton 

J. Crew

For comfort and style, go with as reliable a brand as any — J. Crew uses garment-dyed cotton for a soft finish and feel, and we love the versatile navy or khaki colorways for pairing with a white linen shirt or a white polo. $65

Tracksmith Sessions Shorts 


Made from lightweight performance fabric in cool colors like Navy and Wine, Tracksmith offers up a sportier approach to 5-inch shorts, yet you can also wear this pair off-duty with a breezy T-shirt and canvas sneakers. Just add a cold beer, and call it good. $64

Vuori Kore Shorts 

Vuori Kore

Vuori says these shorts work for every sport, and we’re inclined to believe them, whether it’s a boardwalk run or a beach volleyball session. These days though, we advocate kicking back in your own backyard, sun-faded tee and sunglasses on, soaking up the last of summer. $68

Bonobos Stretch Lightweight 5-Inch Chino Shorts 


If you’re feeling wary about finding the right brand to make the right 5-inch shorts for you, might as well turn toward a tried-and-true, trusted men’s brand that specializes in the best chinos and shorts on the market. Bonobos has taken its stretch lightweight chino fabric and shortened it up in some thigh-baring shorts for your next summer outing. $78

Chubbies Silver Linings Shorts 


You know Chubbies, you’ve heard of Chubbies, and now’s the best time possible to try out a pair of shorts to show some skin. Available in a fun variety of colors, we recommend going with a more neutral shade of grey if you want maximum wearability — but you could always say “to hell with it,” and go bright and bold. Either way works out nicely. $49.50