5 Patriotic Olympic Sneakers

A roundup of size-12 proportions

A roundup of size-12 proportions

You’re probably not quite ready to compete as an Olympic athlete, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look the part whilst slothing-out in front of the TV for 17 days straight. Check out our favorite footwear offerings for this year’s Summer Games. Warning: Some camping out at Foot Locker may be required.


Road to the Gold Air Jordan 1 ($130) and Super.fly ($140)

Matching up nicely with the World Basketball Festival stops leading up to the summer games in London, Nike designed some retro Air Jordan 1s and some of the hot new Super.Flys in homage to each city along the way; Vegas, DC and Barcelona.

Air Jordan 7 Retro “Olympic”  (MSRP is $160, but on ebay, that’s not really gonna happen.)

A re-release of the 2004 (or is it a re-re-release of the 2010?) Olympic Jordans are a dream team dream, flaunting some heavy patriotism with their red, white and blue colorway. The only thing these sneakers don’t do is chant “USA, USA!”


Adizero Feather Light 2 ($115)

Adidas is pushing hard to make their shoes lighter and more useful to all athletes, not just runners. The Adizero’s have been kicking around for a bit, but while most Olympic athletes are rocking a red pair, it’s the red white and blue versions that have us excited to run…to the bar…where we’ll watch the Olympics.


evoSPEED Bolt Collection ($100)

Offering “every sport at the speed of Bolt” Puma’s evoSPEED collection includes running, soccer, motorsport and golf (huh?) entries. We especially liked the trainers with their personal Usain touches of two emblazoned autographs and Jamaican flag on the laces so you can stay true to your rasta roots. And if you opt for the golf shoes, we expect you to play the fastest damn round of your life.


Patriotic Pack ($70)

There’s just something about a classic design that tugs at our heartstrings. Their new offerings scream patriotism like old faithful on Independence Day. If Paul Revere could ditch his horse for a pair of kicks, New Balance’s Patriotic Pack would be those kicks…and the British still wouldn’t have had a chance.