6 Reasons Why Gray Shades Are the Right Fall Look

These are the right sunglasses for the shoulder season.

Putting away your summer sunglasses doesn’t mean ditching shades altogether, just recognizing that the weather and your outfit have changed and choosing something more seasonally appropriate. Fortunately, the choice has been made for you this fall. Companies old and new are busily releasing gray shades that are perfect for shoulder season and look good on absolutely everyone. Designers have, in essence, solved the problem of seasonal transition by putting a transitional color (not lenses) on men’s faces. 

“Longer days start to become longer nights, light becomes dark, and an overall shift in tone is undeniable,” says designer Justin Heit, who has helped Raen, the company he founded, become a powerhouse brand by choosing hues and shapes wisely. “The colors and trends that we wear begin to reflect this moving world around us.” 

Here’s how you can reflect the big new trend while guaranteeing that you’ll look cool when football season rolls around again.