The 6 Skin Lotions Every Man Needs

Don’t let the harsh, cold winter air suck you dry. These skin-quenching moisturizers will help you stay flake-free all season.

Explorers new to the Article Circle are told not to wash—the natural oils in hair and skin are essential for protection against harsh winds. But in all points south, the case for shunning the shower is less compelling. For those faced with bitter but subarctic gusts, we recommend your usual regiment plus these “turned-to-eleven” moisturizers. These lotions, balms and conditioners are rich and thick enough to keep skin and hair protected and healthy, but without the greasy residue and pore-clogging powers of less-refined unguents. Don’t let freezing temperatures compromise your look—smooth skin should be year-round. 

Photos by Brand New Images / Getty Images