9 Famous Men and The Sea

You can’t just stripe yourself willy-nilly—let these famously cool men show you how it’s done.

Barring employment as a merchant marine or lobsterman, dressing for boating means dressing for fun. Upper-crusty, elegant pleasure, but fun nonetheless. As such, suit up with a light touch: literally, with heathered grey, cream, and ivory, and figuratively, by leaving the cuff-links and heavy-hold pomade at home. Ask, what would James (Dean) do? Certainly not button to the neck. How would Paul keep warm? With a fisherman’s sweater, not a puffer. How did JFK coif? With fingers through salty hair. The look is low-key function that ends up skewing wonderfully high-end—check out our virtual cork-board for some inspirational looks to try, but not try hard.

Photos by Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images