Adidas Has Officially Designed Clothes For Your Impending Space Travel

And we won’t lie, they’re stellar.

With the speed of technology, it’s only so long before we’re ditching trips to the Bahamas and planning vacations on Mars instead. And where there’s a place to “summer,” there’s a market for clothes. Enter  fashion brand adidas Y-3 and Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial space line.

Though they didn’t have the general public in mind, Y-3 and Virgin have inked a deal for the fashion company to provide everything from flight-suits for astronauts and pilots to garments worn by the company’s operations and maintenance teams — Virgin does plan to do commercial flights at some point, so basically everyone on aboard your space craft would be wearing Y-3. Today, the pair have revealed the prototype flight suit to be worn by the company’s pilots.

For Y-3 fans, the aesthetics of the designs aren’t too unfamiliar; paired down, black, utilitarian. The pilot boots look as if the company took cues from combat boots they’ve designed in the past. While we haven’t tested this new design, the combat boots feel secure, are durable and quite light — yes, I’ve had them for quite a few years.

The suit itself takes cues from other Y-3 designs as well. Flame retardant materials that were used in the adidas NASCAR driver suits are the main material used for the prototype. Also from that design, they drew the actual cut of the suit as NASCAR racers (like astronauts) sit for long periods of time. 

It’s a sleek design but sadly there’s no telling if the company will release it when Virgin finally takes off. But in all honesty? If you hacked it in two and put the jacket up for sale, we’d wear that right now.