Adidas Is Dropping ‘Puke and Beer Repellent’ Sneakers Just in Time for Oktoberfest



(Photo: Adidas/43einhelb)

Adidas is saluting its German heritage, and likely downing a pint as well.

The German sneaker giant is dropping a “puke and beer repellent” sneaker just in time for Oktoberfest.

The Adidas München “Oktoberfest” looks much like Bavarian lederhosen, in a brown and light-brown coloway. 

There is festive embroidering on the back, a red and white “tablecloth” microcheck pattern on the interior as well as a flashy golden prost (cheers) emblem on the sides. 

(Photo: Adidas/43einhelb)

Adidas brewed these sneakers in fine leather that has been coated in DPBR to fend off all the beer and puke at Oktoberfest.

It will be available on September 2 from 43einhelb for around $240, weeks before Oktoberfest begins on September 16. 

(Photo: Adidas/43einhelb)

This is something we can all “prost” to.

h/t BroBible