Adidas Ultra4D Sneakers Blend Enhanced Midsole Tech With Classic Ultraboost Style

Black and purple beauties.


Make some room in your closet and in your fall footwear rotation — the Adidas Ultra4D takes what you thought sneakers could do, and amps it up a notch.

The real kicker here — literally — is the futuristic lattice midsole, made from liquid resin, light and yes, oxygen. If it sounds too good to be true, you’ll just have to see it to believe it for yourself. What really gets us going is the fact that the midsole is digitally printed; the end result being that these are springy, comfortable, and relentlessly innovative.


These new sneakers also blend the best of both worlds: A Primeknit upper is fused with that 4D midsole in a first-of-its-kind pairing, and Adidas says they put 17 years worth of athlete data into crafting these sneakers. 

In fact, it’s that innovation and dedication to top-notch quality that means you can wear these in all kinds of inclement weather this fall. The heel counter provides added durability and comfort, and the outsole itself is geared to deliver maximum traction on slick city streets this season.

Seeing as a great run starts, quite literally, from the ground up, you’re going to want the best men’s sneakers to power your training sessions — the Adidas Ultra4D are the very definition of the category. 

These sneakers are on the pricier side, but rest assured, they’ll still fly off digital shelves. What does that mean for you? Get ready to add these to your cart — you won’t regret it.