The New Air Jordan 12 Retro ‘Wings’ Hold a Fly Secret

Get high with these stylish kicks.

It’s been a very good year for sneakerheads who love retro Jordans, and its only going to get better. In just the first three months, we’ve seen the Air Jordan 2 ‘Just Don,’ Air Jordan 4 ‘White Cement’ remastered with the Nike Air logo on the heel, and the Air Jordan 12 ‘The Master,’ to name a few.

This weekend the goods continue to come in way of the Air Jordan 12 ‘Wings.’ As we’ve come to expect with all Air Jordan models, the beauty is in the details. At first glance, this colorway resembles the previously released Air Jordan 12 ‘Playoffs’ from 2012, but with gold lace stays instead of silver. 

Once you look closer, however, things start to stand out. There’s that famous wingspan silhouette of His Airness on the heel above a black-over-white 23 alongside those gold lace stays. 

But the most interesting detail to this colorway is actually hidden at first sight — or the first few wears, that is. When exposed to the elements, the colorway completely transforms into a different sneaker altogether with a ‘Wings’ pattern over the black upper of the sneaker.

“The pressure and discomfort involved in growing and eventually being capable of flying, like his Airness on the court, requires hard work to achieve such a feat,”an Air Jordan representative told Maxim. “To fly, one also needs wings. The Air Jordan 12 ‘Wings’ brings this to life as the black upper reveals gold wings after being wiped, agitated, and rubbed on its natural surface.” 

We’ve seen this treatment done by Jordan Brand before with the Nike SB Air Jordan ‘Lance Mountains,’ but this is a flawless application of the design feature on an already-beloved colorway.

The only downside is that this will be an exclusive release of only 12,000 pairs available through Nike’s The Draw on April 2nd between 10 and 11 am ET and retailing at $225. Good luck out there!