Alexander Wang and Anna Ewers Make Denim Sexy Again

The designer and supermodel create a titillating campaign for a new line of jeans.

When it came time to announce his new denim line, designer Alexander Wang put his new jeans on German supermodel Anna Ewers. The resulting ads would have made headlines in and of themselves, but the fact that Ewers pulled down her denim during the shoot changed the nature of those screamers, giving the internet an opportunity to go into paroxysms about a beautiful lady’s beautiful parts. The internet, being the internet, did exactly that.

Rather than pretending that the ads, which show Ewers getting comfortable in an armchair in the spacious bathroom of what we assume is a SoHo loft, are in any way controversial, we’d like to tip our hats to Wang. Say what you will about the guy (unless you want to call his work offensive, in which case spare us), but he knows how to pick a model. Also how to work with denim: His jeans come in a variety of indigos, with black rivets and a single black leather belt loop. 

The only reasonable question to come out of this whole thing is this: When is Wang going to make these for men? The less reasonable question is, of course, whether Ewers is single.