Reebok Just Dropped Two New Sneakers Inspired by ‘Aliens’

Ripley would approve.

In the climactic showdown between Ripley and the Alien Queen in 1986’s Aliens, Ripley fights off the skeletal, black Xenomorph from inside her yellow powerloader exosuit.

Inspired by their galactic deathmatch, Reebok has unveiled two dueling “Alien Stomper” high-tops—an all-black “Queen” option as well as a yellow “Powerloader.”

The formidable “Queen” option is in black patent leather, which mimics the slimy shine of the aliens. XX121, which is marked on the side, is the original name of the Xenomorph.

The yellow option features the stripes that were on the foot of Ripley’s machine. Mesh is added to the top of the label to mimic the netting on the top of the machine.

And to honor perhaps the greatest line from the sci-fi genre, “Get away from her, you bitch!” is scrawled on the box.

The Alien Stomper will be available on July 18, 2017. That is just after the release of the forthcoming Alien: Covenant, on May 19.