You Can Now Buy an Updated Version of the Jacket Worn by U.S. Soldiers in Vietnam

The iconic design is getting a 50th anniversary update. 

A large amount of men’s fashion is typically based off of either military gear or sporting apparel. Think about it: rowing blazers, polo shirts, tennis shoes — all of it, really. This means that some of the most enduring fashion companies were originally known for something other than just making stylish clothes for you to rock on weekends.

Enter Alpha Industries. Almost 50 years ago, the company introduced their M-65 jackets, an upgrade to the M-51 and M-43 jackets used by the U.S. military during World War II and the Korean War. As a government contractor, the company built a hood into this new style that hid into the collar, embedded a brass zipper for easy closing and extra pockets for carrying everything a soldier might need, from cigarettes to ammunition. To be clear, they didn’t invent the style, but they did deliver millions of durable, efficient coats to soldiers the world.

The government initially contracted the company to produce the jacket in 1966 at the height of the Vietnam War and maintained their agreement through 1990, clothing servicemen through various armed conflicts. The company went on to be the first to introduce the jacket to the commercial market, which is how you’re able to wear it today.

Now, the brand is looking back at their original apparel for a 50th anniversary celebration, upgrading the classic design with special anniversary patches and rendering it in heavy-washed cotton slub. The updated version comes as a full five-piece capsule collection that includes a liner for the field coat and three day packs. Get your part of history now for a cool $300

Photos by Keystone-France/ Getty Images