Alpha Industries Salutes Veterans Day With 30% Off Sale For All U.S. Military

Get iconic military-inspired coats and jackets at a steep discount all week.
The M-65 field coat

The M-65 field coat

Alpha Industries epitomizes military style more than any other streetwear brand today. Established as U.S. military clothing contractor back in 1959, the heritage outerwear company is celebrating 50 years of making flight jackets, bombers, field coats, field jackets, leather jackets and parkas. 

What's more, Alpha is saluting Veterans Day all week by doubling their normal 15 percent discount for all active and veteran U.S. military to 30 percent through November 16. 

Here, five classic Alpha coats worth copping this week, along with a bit of history about each All-American style:



The MA-1 fighter pilot jacket was the first style to transition from the military into civilian fashion. It was developed due to the emergence of the jet age, which created new requirements for pilot performance, safety, and comfort. The MA-1 flight jacket’s current version has been kept as close as possible to the classic military specifications.

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ALPHA M-65 FIELD COAT lifestyle1

The classic M-65 field coat was first issued to the U.S. Armed Services in 1965 as a replacement for the M-51 field coat. The ever-rugged M-65 represented the culmination of field coat design, drawing on the technological developments of the M-43 and M-51 field coats used in WWII and Korea. The M-65 incorporated the bi-swing back and oversize design originally developed for the M-41 to provide more room for soldiers to carry everything from personal items to extra ammunition.

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N-3B ALPINE PARKA lifestyle1

The N-3B is the very first jacket that Alpha Industries produced for the U.S. military. Just two months after the company was founded in 1959, the N-3B and the Navy shipboard shirt entered production. The N-3B was created to protect Air Force personnel from extreme cold weather climates. First offered in midnight blue, the parka was later changed to a sage green and re-designed when it was adopted by all military services.

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alpha sherpa mod 2

First designed in 1934, the B-3 bomber became the military's preferred cold-weather flight jacket. Aviators who manned the B-17s and B-24s in the skies over Europe in World War II came to rely on their B-3 jackets as they often flew for 8 to 9 hours straight in unpressurized cabins, where air temperatures could drop to more than 60 degrees below zero. The bomber was vital to the crew’s comfort, which the sheep's wool created with insulating air spaces, naturally retaining heat and absorbing excess moisture generated by the body. It remains one of the warmest bomber jackets ever made.

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B-15 FLIGHT lifestyle1

The B-15 is another classic flight jacket designed to help service members and pilots stave off harsh elements. The Alpha B-15 features button tabs once used by pilots to connect oxygen masks and headset wires.

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