André 3000’s Guide to Growing a Movember Mustache

“Thundercats was huge to me, so now I have big wild hair!”

Thundercats was huge to me, so now I have big wild hair!”

André Benjamin (aka André 3000), half of the Grammy Award-winning band Outkast, took time out of the Gillette eMO’gency Styler Tour (with its Fusion ProGlide Styler, naturally) to talk to Maxim about how to maintain your ‘stache, as we hit the middle of the Month of Hairy Upper Lips.

Where can guys get inspiration for growing a Movember mustache?

Just open your eyes and look at the people around you! You’ve got to step in one day and try something, so it’s really about getting inspiration from things around you.

Where did your find your own hair influences?

When I was growing up, you know,Thundercats was like, huge to me, so big wild hair? I have that right now! And I think that’s ‘cause Lion-O had cool, big hair. So inspiration doesn’t have to come from someone on the street, it can be characters, too.

What do you say to guys who are afraid of growing a mustache?

Use Movember as an excuse for when your friends ask, “Man, what’s wrong with your hair?” You just say, “I’m doing this thing for Movember, man, you know, I was just having fun,” but deep in your head, you know you’re doing something. You can test the waters.

Who are your own style icons?

Jimi Hendrix and Ralph Lauren…Jimi, who’s going all the way out there with it, and then you’ve got Ralph, who’s taken on the classics and shown you a better way to do them,à la Bixby!

Show me more upkeep.

Take me to the girls.