Andy Warhol’s Pink Gold Patek Philippe Sells For Six Figures At Auction

This rare watch once owned by the famed artist fetched 25 percent more than its pre-auction valuation.

A rare Patek Philippe once owned by Andy Warhol outperformed at auction, selling for over 25 percent more than the upper limit of its pre-auction valuation.

This pink gold Patek Philippe Reference 2526 was one of nearly 100 in a fine watch collection that was discovered in a bottom-drawer compartment of a cabinet owned by Warhol. It was first sold by Sotheby’s in 1988—the year after the late, great American pop artist’s death—as a part of the auction house’s Andy Warhol Collection, Part II sale.


This week, the original purchaser brought the watch back to auction through Sotheby’s, where it sold for $101,600, far exceeding the $40,000 to $80,000 estimate.

Powered by the now-legendary caliber 12-600 AT self-winding movement first introduced by Patek Philippe in 1953, the model’s pink gold case is emblazoned with the signature of Serpico Y Laino, the Swiss watchmaker’s exclusive retailer in Caracas, Venezuela.


What makes this particular Reference 2526 so desirable—aside from the Warhol connection—is the eggshell-colored enamel dial. Sotheby’s points out that enamel dials are rare because the material is delicate, expensive, and difficult to produce. The upside is that enamel dials aren’t susceptible to oxidation and moisture damage that can harm metal dials.

Additionally, the dial on Warhol’s former watch is a first series, distinguished by small dimples in the enamel surface visible on the top and bottom of each baton hour marker. While the hour markers of later models were glued onto the dial’s surface, these hour markers are actually set into the enamel’s surface using pins.

Learn more about the watch via Sotheby’s. And for more on Warhol, check out’s coverage of Saudi Arabia’s new 70-piece exhibit honoring the famed pop artist here.