6 Stunning Models Showcase $5.5 Million Floating House In New Photo Shoot

Miami’s hottest houseboat.

Arkup floating house yachts

Six stunning models heated up Arkup’s floating Miami house at a recent sun-soaked photo shoot. Top photographer Erick Robinson captured Julie Hopkins, Yana Marienko , Kiki Renee, Lisa DeLorenzo, Olivia Caputo and Sibahn Doxey posing amid the buoyant villa’s 4,350 square feet of luxury indoor and outdoor living space. 

Check out an exclusive first look at the photo shoot on the floating house below:

Julie Hopkins @jewelsmarie24 (L) and Yana @vogue.and.vibesss
Olivia Caputo @olivia_caputo
Sibahn Doxey @therealsibahn
Lisa DeLorenzo @lissade
Kiki Renee @itskiannarenee

In addition to being luxuriously appointed, the 100-percent solar-powered Arkup floating house is seated on hydraulic pilings that provide the stability of a grounded structure—even during a Category 4 hurricane. 


The Arkup #1 property costs $5.5 million outright, but the company’s Smart Ownership Program allows four owners to pay $1.375 million each. Learn more from Arkup’s website.