These Beautifully Engraved Rolex Submariners Can Now Be Yours

Artist Mister Enthusiast teamed up with engraver King Nerd to turn regular Rollies into wearable art.

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Mister Enthusiast, also known as Phillip Toledano, is an artist who collects cars and watches. He got to know the work of engraver King Nerd (Johnny Dowell), and according to Bloomberg, the pair decided to put together their own twisted mod of the Rolex Submariner

The pair specifically worked on a 90s-era Rolex 14060. The original face has been replaced with an engraved dial that features an old-school diver locked in mortal combat with a giant squid–evoking images from the 1940s and 50s science fiction tales. 

It’s hard, in fact, to even tell this is a Rollie at first. Kind Nerd and Mister Enthusiast sandblasted the case and skeletonized the hands to make the art more visible. Then with assistance from various artisans, they tricked out the bezel with a stripped finish topped by a tiny black diamond in a white gold setting just above the 12 o’clock mark.

Toledano told Bloomberg that collecting watches is “a reflection of who I am—and the more I collect, the more I want things that reflect who I am.” 

“I liked the idea of making something personal to me,” Toledano continued, “that reflected some sense of my ideas and my design ethos.”

If the Submariner isn’t your thing, Toledano told Bloomberg he and King Nerd will go on to do the same with six Rolex Air Kings, engraving the dial with an image of fighter jets in combat.

If you are into a Mister Enthusiast x King Nerd luxury watch mod, you just need to DM Phillip Toledano on Instagram. He’s only planning on six more Submariners, and they’ll cost $25,000 each.