Astor + Banks Offers Watch Lovers a Second Option

If the Rolex Daytona is in the shop, strap on a durable timepiece from this all-American upstart.

Chicago has embraced its “Second City” identity and the city’s newest watchmaker has a similar silver-medal mentality. Astor + Banks debuted earlier this year with an impressive collection of chronographs that are absolutely ideal for men who want to switch it up every once in a while. The big-bezzeled tickers have the sort of amiable efficiency endemic to their hometown, presenting a viable, blazer-friendly alternative to higher-end timepieces.

The company was co-founded by longtime friends Andrew Perez and Farzad Moeinzadeh, both avid watch enthusiasts and advocates of American-made products. Their watches fit the ‘less is more’ prototype, offering durability and a sleek, elegant style uncluttered by ostentatious add-ons. The company now customizes timepiece for customers looking for something specific. But – to be honest – these watches seem like a solution to a more general problem: What else can I wear?


This 44MM stainless steel timepiece boasts a sleek black and textured leather band, and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal face. Paired with a white button-down and pressed slacks, you’ll be ready for work (and the long-awaited happy hour). The watch is available with a HorweenChromexcel leather strap. Do that. [$575]

Chrono S

Similar to the Chrono, this 44M stainless steel watch boasts an all-black face, making the monochromatic design appealing to those looking for a more polished look. [$575]

The AB1405

With a classic 42MM case, a nickel plated movement, and a polished Horween leather strap, this timepiece satisfies just about everyone. Slap on with a fitted blazer and grab a glass of scotch, and the women will come running.  [$2000]