This Fashion Startup Just Made the Ultimate Stain-Resistant Polo Shirt

Red wine be damned.
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(Photos: Threadsmiths)

(Photos: Threadsmiths)

Australian apparel startup Threadsmiths nabbed headlines last year with its water and stain-resistant white T-shirts. Now, the brand is showing off its latest version of hydrophobic technology in the form of a stain-busting polo shirt.

The Melbourne company just launched men's polos in three staple shades—white, grey, and black. The designs are no-frills (how much can you change up a traditional polo, anyway?), but their stain-fighting capability is a true marvel. 

Watch red wine meet its match in an an exclusive sneak peek at Threadsmiths' polo shirt demo video here:

Threadsmiths manipulated the nano structure of fabrics so that water molecules cannot adhere to them. Strain-causing liquids never really catch so they can be casually wiped of by the untroubled wearer.

"The advanced hydrophobic application enhances the fabric's resistance to water and stains, without affecting the natural breathability of the cotton," the brand boasts on its website.

Check out the brand's original stain-busting T-shit facing off with soy sauce and Sriracha, here:

"The Game" Men’s Polo Shirt is available on the Threadsmiths website for $59. Just think of how much you'll save on laundry.