This ‘Zen Pod’ Might Be The Ideal Backyard Office

This prefab shed is perfect for working from home, working out, or just getting away from it all.


Even a year ago, working from home was still somewhat unusual. Then came the coronavirus pandemic and related quarantines around the world. Seemingly overnight, a huge segment of the working population who didn’t get laid off ended up working from home.

Interior of the Zen Pod

And plenty of them quickly discovered that with everyone else home too—roommates, partner, and kids—it can be distracting. Autonomous is here to help with their “Zen Work Pod,” a compact but stylishly-designed outbuilding ideal for peace and quiet while getting through your workday.


In the past an affordable outbuilding might at best a tin shed or something dad built from scrap lumber. The Autonomous Zen Work Pod is distinguished by its flexibility. Need a compact little home gym with a view? A monk-like space dedicated to silence and concentration? Do you just want to nap undisturbed? You can do it with this structure since Autonomous offers a number of ways to trick it out to suit your needs.


The Zen Pod is made from oak, walnut, and aluminum. It has glass windows from ceiling to floor for maximum light and to add a feeling of spaciousness. It comes with preinstalled shelves and drawers and the company’s SmartDesk 2. The package also includes Autonomous’ posture-correcting Kinn Chair. It’s basically ready to go out of the box.


If you’re into it, you can preorder now for $5,400. After the prepurchase period ends, the Zen Pod will go for $14,900. Find out more at