Nike Has a Pair of Self-Lacing Shoes For Back to The Future Day, Won’t Release Them Until 2016

But here is what you can get now that’s related to the film

Nike is playing with our emotions.  Leading up to today, they’ve been dropping hints that the Nike Mag self-lacing shoes featured in Back To The Future might be released to the public. You remember the shoes.

Yeah, those. They tweeted to Mike Fox yesterday, and their head of public relations, Heidi Burgett, said very specifically “We’ll find out tomorrow if self-lacing shoes will be part of the future.” Today she’s continued the speculation.

Finally though, the company ponied up and had Fox announce what was going on himself.

But since that’s not occuring until Spring 2016, there are a few other BTTF-themed dropped today.

Back to The Hundreds

With a few t-shirts, a replica of Marty McFly’s puffer vest and a snapback already sold out, West Coast-based company The Hundreds dropped their line-up today. If you run over to their site now you’ll find a pretty cool white jacket based off of Doc Brown’s jumpsuit, as well as a bomber and denim Jacket both based off of styles Marty wore in the film. 

BAPE gives you the the DeLorean

Sure, it’s only on a few t-shirts but at least it’s yours. The streetwear brand has printed iconic images like show characters converted into apes as well as the brand’s Baby Milo figure on two tees that launch today.

Pepsi is finally Perfect

Sadly, this one was gone in mere minutes but Pepsi made 6,500 limited-edition bottles of Pepsi Perfect that appeared in the film.  Seems like everyone had $20,15 ready to throw down for their bottle. There are some unconfirmed reports that bottles are trickling in randomly online for sites like Amazon and Wal-Mart. But if we may be so bold as to mix movie catch phrases, may the odds be ever in your favor.