The BBQ Lover’s Watch

This unique watch wants to be your wrist’s new summer companion.

There are a few things in life that don’t taste better slathered in barbeque sauce, and your phone is one of them. Using the timer function on your cell when you’re grilling can lead to messy culinary-meets-tech experiences that result in trips to the Apple store and botched burgers. Here to marry the fine art of bbq with horological style is The GrillTimer, a watch with rotating bezels to precisely measure cooking time on all your favorite summer staples

Simply turn the bezel to your desired dish, and it’ll alert you when you should flip, and when your food has been grilled to charcoal perfection. They’re seeking funding on Kickstarter at just $50 a pop, so you’ve got just a few weeks left to make the GrillTimer a reality.