Three Beard Oils to Serve You Through The Rest Of No-Shave November

Yes, you need one.

In November, the passage of time is marked by progressively longer beards (and more SPF protection) thanks in part to the advent of No-Shave November. But since growing a big, beautiful beard doesn’t come naturally to some men, there’s a bit maintenance this undertaking requires.

“[Beard oil] is here to stay,” said Chris Salgardo president of Kiehl’s, when we asked him about the product that seemed like a bit of a trend last year. “What people forget is that the hair on your head, you condition it and do things to take care of it but [your beard] is hair too. You have to pay attention to it.”

The function of beard oil is simple: moisturize your facial hair. The result is softer, slightly shiny and even sometimes fragrant scruff that’s a hell of a lot more welcoming for your girl to make out with. 

For the most part, putting on beard oil should be easy. After washing your face thoroughly (dude, wash your fucking face), make sure you’ve cleaned the beard of dirt and errant food particles. Give it an extra scrub to make sure you’ve cleaned even the skin under your hair. Then apply your beard oil and stroke it through as needed. Some guys use a comb or a brush for the job, but your fingers work just as well.

“You’re looking for something that’s not too greasy, and also not dry after you put it on,” Salgardo said.

He would know. On Thursday, the grooming expert launched MANMADE: The Essential Skincare & Grooming Reference for Every Man.  Divided into three sections that cover grooming basics, skin types and a handy encyclopedia of sorts, the manual is a perfect guide to taking care of yourself.

While Kiehl’s itself doesn’t have a dedicated beard oil yet (Salgardo said that we could expect one next year), we’ve narrowed down three options that pass muster. Grab one and say good by to that Brillo pad you called a facial feat. 

The Luxury Edition: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Conditioning Beard Oil — $50

The DIY: Jojoba Oil — $13.97

The Alternative: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate — $46

Photos by Handout / French Select