Bell & Ross Drops Ghoulish New ‘Burning Skull’ Watch

Stop ’em dead in their tracks with this gothic timepiece straight from the grave.

If having a ticking timepiece on your wrist wasn’t enough to remind you we’re all hurtling towards certain death, Bell & Ross has just the thing.

The French watchmaker brought back its divisive skull and crossbones design for the limited-edition Bell & Ross BR01-92 Burning Skull Tattoo watch, proving the ghoulish motif still has plenty of life in it.

Like the original BR01 Skull released in 2009, it’s got a three-dimensional cranium detail on its dial, but this wristwatch is far more elegant with ornate flame engravings on its case, which have been filled with black enamel paint (hence the “tattoo” in its name).

The brown alligator strap also dresses things up a bit so wearers will look more like curious existentialists rather than a bunch of goth teenagers loitering outside a Hot Topic.

Bell & Ross isn’t entirely out of its skull debuting this watch for $7,700 either: a number of watch giants, like HYT, have dropped similarly high-priced baubles like the outlandish timepiece below.

h/t A Blog to Watch