The 5 Best Colognes To Try Out For Fall

You only need one.

Scents leave a lingering impression.  They not only pique a woman’s attention, but when she borrows a sweater or a shirt, she’s going to be literally wrapped in your aroma all day. So figuring out the right one is pretty important. 

In our September issue, when we asked 100 women about what guys can do style-wise to get in their good graces, there were several responses that put wearing the right cologne squarely in the “pro” column. But just as detrimental? Too much of it. “[This guy] literally sponge bathed in aftershave,” one respondent said when we asked about her worst dating experience. “I couldn’t see what he was wearing because my eyes were watering.” (Pro tip guys: two sprays max, never the face, always pulse points)

With fall here, tons of brands have released their latest scents with options from Paco Rabbane, Givenchy, Abercrombie & Fitch and more. Even Adidas has one. We’ve smelled them all (with the help of a few women) and narrowed them down to five you should consider sliding into your repertoire.