The 10 Best Colognes to Wear This Fall

Smell great with these essential fragrances.

(Photo: Bulgari/Giorgio Armani/Guerlain)

(Photo: Bulgari/Giorgio Armani/Guerlain)

It’s finally September, which means summer is changing to fall, the weather is just starting to cool down, and it’s time to retire your light summer fragrance and transition to a signature scent that’s just a little bit warmer.

Though in all fairness, a good cologne is a good cologne, and it’s up to personal preference if you wear the same fragrance year-round. However, as a rule of thumb, woody oriental scents are better suited for cooler months, and breezy aquatic fragrances are better for warmer months. 

Got it? Good. Check out 10 standout fall colognes in the gallery above.

And while we’re on the topic of Cologne 101, you should know that there are five different categories of fragrances: 


The most concentrated and most expensive, Parfum lasts a very long time on the skin.

Eau de Parfum:

A little less concentrated than Parfum, so it’s a little less expensive and better for sensitive skin, but wears off a little quicker.

Eau de Toilette: 

With a fragrance concentration of 5 to 15 percent, it’s a lightly scented cologne that’s used after shaving or bathing.

Eau de Cologne: 

Only 2 to 4 percent fragrance concentration with high levels of alcohol, Eau de Cologne only lasts around two hours. 

Eau Fraiche: 

The least concentrated type of fragrance, Eau Fraiche translates to “Fresh Water,” and is 3 percent or less perfume oil. In essence, it’s lightly scented water.

Now that you know what the different categories of fragrances are, you might find it a little easier to get exactly the concentration you want. 

Because smelling good is a great idea any time of the year.