The Best Looking Speedometer Ever Made

The Breva Génie 03 brings aeronautical instrumentation to your wrist.

Technically, any watch is half of a speedometer: If you can also measure the distance you’ve traveled, you can calculate a rough average speed. But no one wants to walk around with a tape measure. Luckily for all, Breva has introduced the first watch with a built-in mechanical speedometer. When the upper-left stud is pushed, the speedometer—comprised of three titanium-alloy Robinson cups—rises out of the watch face and catches the wind, using a 45-component complication to tell wind-speed. Essentially, the Breva Génie 03 is a tiny, back-up speedometer for any open-air vehicle, from bicycle to jet-ski to convertible. In addition to that marquis feature, the Breva houses a stellar 34-jewel movement and is water-resistant to 100 feet. In an age when the lion’s share of innovation is digital, we respect Breva’s commitment to producing mechanical wonder. [$56,800;]

Photos by Breva