The Best Men’s Robe Money Can Buy

You’re going to love wearing it in, and it will never wear out.
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Let us point you towards the dim and wooly confines of your closet. In it are pieces that have stood by you for a decade: a sturdy and handsome cable-knit, a classic navy suit, a worn-soft pair of wingtips. And your bathrobe? It's just some ratty, greyed thing you wear for a moment between towel and trousers. Well, you’re missing out. Considering the money and care you lavish on the rest of your wardrobe, why skimp on something you’ll enjoy forever – albeit in the privacy of your home?

Our advice: Spend a bit on a quality robe whose material, fit, and cut are such that you can keep it forever. Then keep it forever. And let us abbreviate your search: The British brand Emma Willis makes what you need. Unlike so many terry-cloth factory jobs, the Lanella dressing gown (we know, stay with us) is hand cut and sewn out of an unbelievably soft wool blend. The cut is Euro-trim for a true-to-size fit and the navy piping ads a bit of visual structure to the robe’s quintessentially English heather color. 

The price is a not-insubstantial $1,080. But remember: Value is not question cost, but of ROI. The return on a good robe is amazing. You really can put a price on comfort.