Back to Basics: 5 New Deodorants To Try Now

With a few revamps of your old favorites


The grooming industry has no doubt become increasingly complex. Dudes are getting facials, and using eye cream and beard oil amongst other things. While there are definitely some tricks we’re a little iffy about, there are a few staple grooming rituals that are a prerequisite for living a clean life.

We’ve already told you that you should be washing your face — if we have to go back over this again, it’s a problem, dude — but there’s another step we hope you’re not skipping: applying deodorant. 

While we’re not going to go over why you should be using it (ok, long story short, you stink) there’re a few new options that have recently hit the market that either bring something different to the table, or make you see your old favorites in new ways. Below, check out five new deodorants and anti-perspirants worth giving a try.

Old Spice Lasting Legend Hardest Working Collection

You know Old Spice, and you may or may not love it. If you do love the brand’s smell, check out this new formula which features technology that truly makes it longer lasting. Start sweating half way through the day? The deodorant will release another burst of scent to quell your musky vibes. We know, we’ve tried it. If you’ve got a sensitive nose, beware. Buy it here.

Kent & Bond Organic Deodorant

If you’re hoping to try out a new brand, this all-organic formula is totally worth a try. It smells earthy and crushes your “adverse effects” woes with an aluminum-free ingredient list. If you’re a heavy sweater this option might require a slight adjustment period as you find out exactly how much you need to last all day. Buy it here.

AXE White Label Air Anti-perspirant 

If you’re not a huge fan of strong smells, you probably avoid products from Axe but when the brand rolled out a relaunch for this spring, we took a second look at their White Label product, now repackaged. Match the same 48 hour protection of typical Axe products with the scent of, well, air, and it’s a pretty killer combination — particularly if you have a cologne to put on. Buy it here.

Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant

While this stick originally stood out to us because of its beer-centric ingredients, it definitely held up in performance tests. The only draw back to this all-natural formulation? For those with sensitive skin (hi) the baking soda concentration might cause a slight burning sensation. The good thing is you know it’s working. Buy it here.

Dove Men+Care Cool Fresh Deodorant

If you’re obsessed with the effects of moisturizing (I mean, do you, dude) and hope to get in a bit extra with your deodorant, this Dove product has you covered. With their typical 48-hour protection, the clean smell and the moisturizer technology, you’re really getting the best of both worlds. Buy it here.