‘Black Ice’ Limited Edition Persols Are Already Cult Favorites

Blacked-out shades that are totally unique.


It’s hard to improve upon the classic Persol 714 sunglasses famously worn by “The King of Cool” himself, Steve McQueen.

But that didn’t stop the shades obsessives at online boutique Eyegoodies from trying to make these iconic foldable frames even cooler.


The Persol 714SM X Custom Projects, Black Ice limited-edition adds black hole-hued polarized lenses made by Nikon to the already special edition 714SM.


The polarized specs are then finished with a “multilayer Black Ice mirror” which, according to Eyegoodies, “provide the sharpest visual acuity in even the harshest conditions.”


Problem is, the Persol Black Ice shades sold out soon after they debuted at Eyegoodies online store. 

So if you’re a hardcore sunglasses collector, you’ll likely have to shell out even more than the $420 original price if you’re lucky enough to track down a pair. 

Let’s hope they make another batch of these badass beauties soon.