Black Tape Bikinis Are Summer’s Sexiest Swimwear Trend

Talk about a sticky situation.

The black tape bikini trend spearheaded by The Black Tape Project has made a triumphant return to Miami Swim Week 2018. 

Droves of models dressed only in glistening, multi-colored pieces of adhesive tape hit the runway at the annual fashion festival to debut The Black Tape Project’s limited-edition collection. Check out the latest looks in the gallery above.

Each of the 13 intricate designs walk the line between being daringly stylish and undeniably provocative. 

Getty Images

Joel Alvarez, The Black Tape Project’s founder, revealed in an Instagram post that he finished the last of the sultry looks just minutes before the show started.

“I created a few to imitate swimwear in theme of Miami Swim Week, Alvarez wrote. “The design I created live is one of the more basic designs as the ones walking took close to an hour to prepare. We finished all 13 designs just minutes prior to the show.” 

We can’t wait to see what Alvarez comes up with next year. Until then, check out the hottest recent highlights from The Black Tape Project’s Instagram feed below: