5 Essential Tips For Getting a Good Haircut

Simple rules for quality cuts.

Blind Barber

Getting a decent haircut isn’t an exact science. Most guys simply go to a barber shop near their home, find a barber that they’re cool with, and get the same cut, time after time. But there are a few simple commandments to keep in mind to get better haircuts. 

The Blind Barber, a national barber shop chain and grooming line noted for giving quality cuts while serving customers stiff cocktails, does it right. We consulted Megan Wainer at Blind Barber’s Barneys New York location for some essential tips on how to make your next trip to the barber shop work for you.

1. Find a Good Barber

“Search social media and reviews or, ask someone that has a style you like where they go. This could be a friend, coworker or even a random person on the street. Most people are flattered, so don’t be afraid to approach a stranger. Try ‘I’m sorry to interrupt you but I’m looking for a new barber and I love your cut, who do you go to?'”

2. Google It

“A quick search for ‘Men’s hairstyles for face shape’ gives you a slew of articles recommending the best hair and beard styles for you. Once you find a style that calls to you, do a search on Google, Instagram or Pinterest. Pick a picture of someone that has a similar hair texture. Don’t have a picture? Tell us your style, are you going for professional, edgy, preppy, low-maintenance? This will ensure your barber understands the look you’re going for and creates a style that makes you feel your best.”

3. Speak Up

“Do you use product on a daily basis? Do you blow dry your waves or curls? Which way do you run your comb or hands through your hair when you’re styling it? This is important information for your barber to know. They’ll be able give you pointers and make the right calls while cutting your hair.”


4. Scissors vs. Clippers

“If you like it on the longer side, ask for scissors. If you like it tight above the ear, ask for a fade or tapered cut. You can look up fades and show your barber one you like. A good barber will be able to figure out the rest based on this.”

5. Bring Photos

“When you get a haircut you love, have your barber or friend take a picture of it from the front side and back. Next time you go for your haircut show your barber the picture and boom, no explanation needed.”