The Blue Claw Co. Duffel Is Unemotional Baggage

The gym bag for adults.

Let’s reclaim the word “baggage” from sad-eyed psychobabblers. To us, baggage is nothing but sturdy luggage. It’s great to have, especially when it’s durable as hell and handsome, like Blue Claw Co.’ s lined canvas duffel. With a classic cylindrical gym-bag shape, sturdy circumferential canvas handles and a fully lined interior (to keep the world from the horrors of your post-workout shorts), the BCC duffel is everything you need in a bag and nothing you don’t (namely, flashy graphics, mesh, and more pockets than a pool hall). Neon bags are great for tweens, but if you’re going to truly move into adulthood, you’ll need something sturdy and sober. This is the baggage you’ll never want to leave behind. [$55; available via Bespoke Post as part of their Sweat Box (with microfiber towel]

Photos by Blue Claw Co.