Brand New Details Revealed on TAG Heuer’s Smartwatch

For starters, it’ll double the Apple Watch’s battery life.

They’ve been teasing us with whispers of a smartwatch since Baselword this March, and now TAG Heuer has finally dropped fresh details on their elusive wrist candy.

According to Jean-Claude Biver of LMVH (who owns the watch Swiss brand), the smartwatch will go on sale in October or November, which could spell trouble for it’s flashier Silicon Valley cousin, the Apple Watch. Though priced significantly higher at around $1,400, TAG’s version will have a 40 hour battery life, which makes Apple’s 18 hour lifespan look like chump change.

It’s rumored to based on the black Carrera pictured above, making it a smart and sexy addition to your wrist. Now is it fall yet?

Photos by TAG Heuer