Breitling for Bentley Rolls Out a New Model

If you can afford a Bentley, then this is the watch for you.

What it is: Breitling for Bentley limited edition Light Body Midnight Carbon watch, $11,600

Why we like it: If you’re an enthusiast of the legendary British Bentley automobiles, then its 10-year-old collaboration with watchmaker Breitling will be right up your alley. With only 1,000 pieces available worldwide, the new Bentley Light Body Midnight Carbon timepiece is made of light, sturdy titanium coated with a tough-as-nails carbon coating. Its dashboard-style dial features a 30-second chronograph that’s accurate to 1/8 of a second. And unlike its four-wheeled counterpart, Breitling’s self-winding chronograph investment piece never needs to stop at the gas station.

Where to get it:

Photos by Breitling