The Bremont Boeing Model 1 is an Aviation-Grade Accessory

You don’t want to be late for your flight.

What’s built to a tighter tolerance: a modern jetliner or a luxury watch? Unnervingly, the answer probably has hands instead of wings, but the Bremont Boeing Model 1, made with advanced aeronautical materials from Seattle’s biggest hangars, invalidates the question. The first fruit born of the mellifluous Bremont-Boeing partnership, the Model 1 is shaped from “Custom 465” stainless steel, a vacuum-melted alloy that hardens with age. The metal so modern it not only resists corrosion, but strengthens with use. As though that wasn’t enough, the Model 1 also makes use of aviation-grade Ti-64 titanium.

Those materials form the case, while Bremont’s standard 25-jewel movement – suspended in a Boeing-blue steel frame – plays turbine. A machined-and-polished stainless ring encircles our favorite touch: a small semi-circle of jet-engine style fans hovering above the red Bremont script. The strap is NATO military-grade nylon, so this hybrid isn’t flying anywhere without you. [$5,585;]

Photos by Bremont