Cop This Bruce Lee-Inspired Timepiece For a Stylish Fist of Fury

Here’s a watch with some kick.


Bruce Lee, the martial arts maestro, left an indelible mark on the action genre with films like Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon. His work inspired filmmakers to look eastward for inspiration, and genre greats like Tarantino count themselves as fans. Though Hollywood was the first to take notice, watchmaker Hublot has since caught on.

In commemoration of Lee’s 75th birthday, Hublot recently dropped a limited edition Bruce Lee-inspired timepiece. And damn… does it pack a punch.

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The watch is a testament to the ingenuity of Swiss horology. Its state-of-the-art chronometer is self-winding and operates on a 50-hour power reserve. For its potent blend of East and West, an illustrious golden dragon has been engraved onto black interiors, which have detailing that mimics Oriental panelling. The whole thing comes with black-and-gold alligator strapping to give wearers a stylish fist of fury. 

In a press release, Chief Executive Ricardo Guadalupe detailed the credo behind the chronometer:

Icon of the 20th century, and one of the most influential martial artists of all time, Bruce Lee’s life embodies the art of fusion. An east-west cultural fusion. Based on his personal martial arts philosophy, he broke the traditional boundaries of different martial art styles and created a new spirit: Jeet Kune Do. By joining hands with the Bruce Lee Foundation, Hublot has set up a memorial exhibition and created a watch as a tribute to the pioneer of an era, an immortal legend.

There is a fighting chance you can get your hands on one at a Hublot boutique, though it will set you back at a whopping $30,000.  

h/t The New York Times