This Burberry Tux Jacket Wants to Party

Let’s get overdressed.

A sport jacket is for sport—a tuxedo jacket is for play. The famous shawl-collared, contrastingly-lapeled piece is worn by gentlemen on chandelier- or candle-lit evenings, Lagavulin-fueled nights, and, if all goes well, post-coital mornings. The whole penguin suit always works, but the right slim-cut tuxedo jacket can be paired with black jeans and worn to any celebration (New Year’s, loft-based birthday party) that doesn’t demand an ensemble performance.

Burberry’s slender-profiled tux jacket can get formal or weird as events warrant. The tailored-fit and single-breast keep things dressy – but not stuffy – and the contrasting satin lapels add just enough flash to let people know this is something special. As you’d want for any wardrobe staple, this Burberry jacket is a mix of top-notch materials: wool, silk, horsehair, canvas and buffalo horn buttons. Not that you need it, but lightly padded shoulders and a darted front make sure your torso never looks anything but structured and strong. If you’re raising a glass, make sure what’s on your arm does the champagne flute justice. [$1,395;]

Photos by Burberry